Should you buy from an Air Conditioner Retailer or an Air Conditioner Installer?

If you’re planning to install a reverse cycle air conditioner ahead of the summer heat or to warm the house during winter, there are various options when choosing the right location, size, and installation options for your new unit.

You may buy from a retailer that offers after-sale installation, or you may go directly to an installer first, and ask them to buy and install a unit for you. There are pros and cons to both options, but today we’re running through some reasons we recommend our customers go direct to an installer before purchasing an air conditioner.


Reasons to Go To an Air Conditioning Installer Direct

  1. Energy audit – going direct to an installer means you’ll get a more holistic view of how much energy you’ll use, the best size of the air conditioner, and optimal placement to heat/cool the space. You’ll also get advice about possible energy cost increases, as well as the best ways to manage them, such as solar, insulation or retrofitting door and window seals to minimise temperature changes. 
  2. Convenience – Purchasing directly from an installer means the whole process will be handled seamlessly by a single company, and you’ll know who you’re dealing with along the way. Retailers will often outsource to larger companies that then subcontract work back to other regional installers. This means you could be dealing with a different company any time you have an issue or need maintenance on your system. 
  3. Warranties – choosing to go to an installer directly, means you’re dealing with a single company that will manage the warranty paperwork for you. 
  4. Repair work – a single company can handle your repairs,  maintenance, and cleaning, which means you’re secure in the knowledge that they know your air conditioner’s history. 
  5. No call centres – although you may talk to a salesperson face to face when you first purchase an air conditioner, warranties and maintenance often mean talking with a dozen different national call centres. Choosing a local installer will help make the experience of air conditioner installation much simpler. 
  6. If you buy off the showroom floor, the salespeople are guessing any installation conditions of your home. So the fully installed price may be much higher.   A quote, in-house by the installer, will be all-inclusive and not subject to change without a major reason. 


The most important thing to remember when choosing an air conditioner is that you want it to do the job it’s designed to do, in the most efficient way possible. Choosing a local installer to install your air conditioner means you’ll get the maximum benefit from your installation, and ensure you have the most seamless life maintenance management for the life of your system.