Proven Energy has always been passionate about renewable energy, but our sustainability goals don’t end there. There’s a whole planet to save, and we want to do our part.

We’ve worked hard to ensure we’ve minimised our carbon footprint, and we’re proud of the actions we’ve taken to date.

In the last few years, here are a few steps we’ve taken towards sustainability:

  • Installing 39 kilowatts of solar on our head office to maximise our green energy use
  • Helping our customers choose brands that work hard to minimise their carbon footprint during the production process, such as REC
  • Retrofitting our office with LED lights to minimise bulb replacement and electricity use
  • Minimising printing, and using digital systems to track and deliver work whenever possible
  • Daily recycling of 95% of cardboard, cable and soft plastics that return from job sites
  • Encouraging our staff to use reusable drinking containers, and offering bins to recycle any single use containers from soft drinks and food
  • Working with community groups such as Better Futures Australia, HOPE Australia and Renew, to spread important messages about the environment and how we can help.

Although we’ve worked hard to implement sustainable work practices at Proven Energy, we know there are always more steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and help our business and our customers help the environment.

Some of our future goals include:

Climate Action Plan 1
Climate Action Plan 2
  • Purchasing a granulator to allow us to process and recycle more of the cable and wiring left over after electrical installations and upgrades
  • Working with local businesses to begin our own recycling facilities to keep panels and inverters out of landfill
  • Donating second-hand panels to local upcycling community projects
  • Encouraging our customers to read and sign paperwork digitally, lowering the amount of paper and other resources our customers consume
  • Moving even more of our marketing online, minimising the paper and print consumables we use each and every day
Climate Action Plan 3