Enphase 1


If you’re not the average, your solar system shouldn’t be either. Enphase technology brings customised panel level management and inbuilt intelligence to inverters, allowing you to optimise your solar system for maximum output. 

With string inverters, even a small amount of shade on even one cell can lead to reduction in that panel’s power by a third at least, which is replicated by all of the other panels in that string, or electrical group.

Microinverters, on the other hand, are individually attached to each panel, allowing each panel to work independently and continue generating power, even if other panels in the system have a leaf, dirt or shading. 

A major advantage of Enphase is that you can install your solar panels on any roof surface with no limitations in grouping or direction, unlike string inverters. If you have an awkward roof layout or scattered shading that can’t be easily corrected, then Enphase is the best option. 


With over a million installations around the world, Enphase is one of the best known brands of microinverters, and offers panel level management and high efficiency for homeowners and business owners alike.


Enphase also offers Encharge batteries which are AC coupled and operate at the lowest DC rates in the industry. 

Enphase also offers integrated monitoring, so you can see production and efficiency in your system, while identifying any issues before they become a problem. You can even see each and every panel’s production. 

If you want a system with the maximum of control, or you’re just looking to maintain maximum efficiency, Enphase is the smart solution. 

Ask us how we can help you install an Enphase system to maximise your output and ensure panel level management.