Group of Proven Energy staff in green and grey shirts

Proven Energy is proud to employ local people and has built a strong local team who offers the best in service and results to our clients.

We have a team of 20 staff, including sales, operations and marketing, to ensure your solar installation is handled from your first enquiry through to your scheduled maintenance checks.
Peter Sutrin



Peter is a licensed electrician and founded the company in 2012 after working as an electrician. After seeing the number of low quality solar installations on the market he decided to start his own company specialising in solar, building up a local business known for its attention to detail and high quality work. In his spare time he enjoys camping and renovating.

Ian Bray


Commercial Sales

Ian hails from Bundaberg, where he previously ran his own solar and electrical business.

Now Ian works closely with businesses to help them lower their overheads and become carbon neutral.

Ian is also a licensed electrician.

Team 1


Operations Manager

Troy manages the Operations Team ensuring all our solar installation crews have the supplies and information they need to complete each job to the highest quality.

Troy is a low-grade eco warrior who loves recycling, as well as everything about nature, the ocean, and space.

Aiden Wallace standing with arms crossed


Residential Sales

Aiden has more than five years of experience in the renewable industry, selling and designing systems of all sizes. He’s passionate about quality solar and educating customers in energy independence. He also loves philosophy and a good book.

Susannah Birch


Marketing Manager

Susannah joined the company in a marketing role after completing her Master of Marketing. She has a background in digital marketing and PR.

You can usually find her either on Twitter or socialising at Toowoomba’s biggest events.

Team 2


Operations Team

Jamie enjoys processes and organisation, and is studying business while performing his current customer facing role.
Jamie also collects anime clothing and figures and loves almost anything automotive that’s fast and loud.