“Module” also Solar Panel – fancy techno-nerd speak.

In the ever-evolving world of solar energy, safety and efficiency have become paramount concerns for both residential and commercial consumers. REA Power AC Modules offer a safer, smarter alternative to traditional DC panels, significantly reducing the risks associated with live electricity. 

These panels optimise power generation at the panel level, ensuring maximum output and efficiency throughout the day. With more kilowatt-hours (KWh) generated on the roof and fewer kilowatts (KW) of panels required, REA Solar AC Panels are not only safer but also more productive, making them a game-changing solution in solar technology. Additionally, panel-level monitoring provides real-time insights into your system’s performance, allowing for 100% peace of mind. 

You absolutely do know each and every panel is doing the best it can do. With features like cleaning as the only maintenance recommended and a 25-year transferable warranty, REA Solar AC Panels are setting a new standard in reliability. Join us in exploring this revolutionary advancement in solar energy.

Safety First

When it comes to solar panels, safety should be a top priority. REA PowerAC Modules are designed with safety features that set them apart from the competition.


  • No Arc, No Fire Risk: Traditional solar panels are Direct Current (DC), which can pose a fire risk due to electrical arcing. REA Power AC Modules are AC connected and RCD protected, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Rapid Shutdown: In case of damage by birds, rodents or exreme hail REA Power AC Modules have multiple rapid shutdown mechanisms. This feature ensures peace of mind as anything that goes wrong on your roof leads to one panel turning off. Not a fire possibility. This is worlds above a standard DC string system, enhancing safety during critical situations.
  • Individual panel safety. DC string inverters are connected to groups of panels up to 599.9 V on a home and 999.9V on a commercial building. Individual panel management means each panel can do a maximum of 1 panel, about 40V absolving the risk of fire. Coupled with rapid shutdown, the entire system is safer for homeowners, as well as emergency services in cases of fire or flood. 

Peak Performance

REA Power AC Modules not only excel in safety but also in performance.

  • Operation Window: These panels have an extended operation window, capturing sunlight efficiently even in less than perfect conditions. As each panel has its own inbuilt  microinverter as part of its sturcture they start producing power before a conventional system would. This benefit carries into dusk as well, you get more energy throughout the day, maximising your solar investment.
  • Panel-Level MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) was a game-changer when it was introduced to the industry. Add that to each panel indicdually and you remove inefficiencies of mis-match, shading, bird droppings and the like. Unlike traditional systems, REA Power AC Modules optimise energy production at the panel level. This means each panel performs at its best, resulting in higher overall efficiency.
  • Faster Issue Identification: With REA Power AC Modules, you don’t have to wait for your electricity bill to spot performance issues. These panels provide real-time data, allowing you and us to identify and address any concerns promptly. If a possum chews a cable, if a pigeon dies under your panels adn causes and electrical concern; it will be noticed but not via smoke.
  • Less Heat, More Efficiency: Heat can reduce a solar panel’s efficiency. REA Power AC Modules are designed to operate effectivelty at higher temperatures, ensuring consistent performance even on scorching days.
  • Bi-facial technology: Many panels on the market have glass backsheets, but this is generally just a copy of a perceived reliability increase. REA Power AC Modules have true bi-facial technology. This means that every ray of sunlight that passes through the gaps in the cells, the gaps between panels or reflect of the roof iron are not wasted. These rays have an extra chance to produce power on the activated back side of the cells. The low angle rays in the morning and the afternoon are utilised and used to power your home as they sneak into the panels front and back surfaces.

Unmatched Reliability

25-Year Transferable Warranty: REA Power AC Modules come with an industry-leading 25-year transferable warranty. This means not only do you enjoy the benefits of reliable solar energy, but you can also transfer these benefits to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your property. It’s a unique advantage that sets REA Power apart from other providers in the industry.