Tindo Solar 1Tindo Solar is the only Australian based solar panel manufacturer, offering quality and high efficiency panels for the discerning solar system purchaser.  

Based in Adelaide, Tindo has recently expanded to a second factory and supplies and installs solar panels throughout Australia, with all research & development done locally.  

Named after the word for ‘Sun’ from the Kaurna Warra Aboriginal people indigenous to the Adelaide plains, Tindo has been manufacturing high quality solar since 2011.


Placing first in Choice magazine’s 2018 testing of 11 panels from other brands, Tindo stands head and shoulders above most of its competitors.  


With high efficiency monocrystalline panels using PERC technology, Tindo stacks up against the best and comes out on top in testing at the Desert Knowledge testing centre. Tindo deliberately releases new technology production techniques slowly because reliability is their focus. 

With less than ten panel failures since 2010, the company also has a very low comparative industry fail rate of one in 200,000. In the industry, a failure rate of even 20 in 200,000 is considered very impressive. 

Being an authorised Tindo Solar Authorised Reseller means Proven Energy can offer a warranty of 25 years on Tindo products, instead of the standard 12 year warranty.

Tindo also offers factory tours, so you can see first hand the quality checks and attention to detail that is involved in producing their high quality products. 

Below you can take a virtual tour of the Tindo factory:

Tindo Solar Authorised Reseller Logo