We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that last, with installation services that keep your home and family safe. 

Products 1

Norwegian Designed Solar Panels

Founded in Norway and with operational headquarters in Singaport, REC offers an industry leading 25 year warranty and high yield technology for maximum efficiency.

Products 2

Austrian Solar Inverters

A leading name in solar, Fronius was founded in 1945 and incorporates quality, affordability, and rigorous product testing. 

Products 3

Australian Solar Monitoring

Smart monitoring uses algorithmic technology to track weather, output, and usage and help you highlight system issues within minutes, maximising your efficiency.

Products 4

Panel Level Management

If you’re not the average, your solar system shouldn’t be either; Enphase technology brings customised panel level management and inbuilt intelligence.

Products 5

High Tech Inverters

With 50 years experience in electronic innovation, Delta offers transformerless topology, 98.5% efficiency, and one of the world’s safest inverters. 

Products 6

Australian Made Batteries

Australian made in the old Holden factory, with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology, and a world leading warranty, sonnen is a smart battery choice.

Products 7