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Do you like paying power bills? Commercial solar installations can pay themselves off in as little as two years in the right conditions. Reducing operating costs and increasing profits is a priority for most businesses and solar installations help you do both. 

A commercial solar system is an excellent way to reduce building operating expenses by lowering the ever increasing electricity bills and leveraging additional future profits. 

Now is a great time for Australian businesses to take advantage of the generous Government solar financial incentives and low-interest green energy easy approval loans which can assist to make any installation cost neutral and cash flow positive from day one.


9 Great Reasons to Transition to Commercial Solar

  • Reduce business operating costs and increase profits
  • Reduce building heating & cooling expenses and lower electricity bills
  • Take advantage of generous Government financial incentives
  • Low-interest green energy easy approval subsidised loans are available
  • Cost neutral installation and cash flow positive from day one
  • Substantial feed-in tariffs available
  • Achieve competitive advantage – showcase your business’s green credentials
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and offset your business’s carbon emissions
  • Demonstrating to your employees that you’re willing to invest in everyone’s future


Businesses and industries have the biggest potential by far for savings, and the shortest ROI; CFOs and accountants love solar investments, Peter Sutrin, Director


The average homeowner loves it, yet a business’ daytime power usage can be matched by solar production. This makes for amazing self consumption with the highest possible savings. 

Quantities at scale make commercial solar much more economical, comparatively. Couple this with ideal usage and production, this will make for profits and the best return on investment.

Green initiatives are a popular strategy for a commercial enterprise to achieve competitive advantage in their industry by marketing the business’s green credentials. 

It is also a way of demonstrating to employees that the business is willing to invest in everyone’s future, not only increasing company pride but also staff morale and productivity. Generating your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon output and could offset most, if not all, of your business’s carbon.


Contact us today for your obligation free solar quote and find out how much you can save on your commercial operating power costs.

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