If you own a phone, tablet or computer, you’re probably already using parts made by Delta. The award winning company has spent the last 50 years creating and innovating in the electronics and energy sectors. 

When Delta moved into the solar market, they used their years of experience to create inverter and battery products that are both robust and efficient.

The company is always innovating in the photovoltaic sector, including EV charging stations powered by solar PV panels. 

With concern for the environment as a top of mind factor in their innovations, Delta works hard to create products that will have a positive impact on the global warming crisis. 


Delta’s Solar Inverter Product Range

Delta offers high efficiency of up to 98.5%, thanks to the company’s advancements in transformerless topology. 

Tailored for the homeowner, the E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System includes storage with six safety mechanisms and is one of the world’s safest home energy devices. 

For commercial, agricultural and enterprise level systems, Delta offers the RPI M-Series, which ranges from 4.99KW up to 30KW. 

Delta’s inverter offerings are suitable for both the home and business and are manufactured to meet the requirements of Australian conditions. 


Delta offers global knowledge and local after sales support, making them one of the best options for quality products that work efficiently and last.  


Proven Energy works closely with Delta and has access to a 15 year warranty offering. In our experience with them, they have been a great company to work with. Delta offers great tech support and well thought out products that are easy to install.