Media Release: Partnership Leads to Exclusive Delta Warranty

Local business Proven Energy has recently collaborated with global company Delta Electronics to become one of ten exclusive national partners. 

The partnership offers an inverter warranty of 15 years to Proven Energy’s customers, longer than any other inverter warranty in the marketplace. 

Less than ten solar companies across Australia currently hold this partnership with Delta. 

Delta Electronics is a global company known for working with international technology brands.

If you own any electronics, you probably own something which contains a part made by Delta.  

Delta’s recent move into the solar PV market has seen their considerable resources applied to the renewables sector.

Proven Energy’s Business Development Manager Oliver Davis has collaborated with Delta over the last year.  

“It’s an exciting opportunity for locals looking for more confidence in the longevity of their solar system,” said Oliver. 

“As a local business, we’re excited to partner with such a well-known brand.”

Shane Arnold is the ANZ PV Regional Manager at Delta Electronics and is pleased with the partnership. 

“It’s wonderful to see another high-quality company come on board, especially in the regional areas where reliability is necessary,” said Shane.

Proven Energy will be one of the exclusive partners of Delta Electronics for warranty and servicing across Southern Queensland, with an area extending from Roma to Ipswich and south to Tenterfield.