A local business collaboration now offers a new way to compare solar and save on power bills in the lead up to winter. 

Customers can now see the difference in production between micro inverters and string inverters thanks to a new installation at the office of Geoff Gibson Homes.

Proven Energy worked alongside Geoff Gibson homes to create the unique installation.

We will be able to prove which system gets the most power out of a given solar panel; they will all get equal sunlight. The only difference between the systems is the inverter technology,” said Geoff Gibson, Director of Gibson Homes. 

“This collaboration means supporting local business, as well giving customers more information they can use to make an informed solar decision,” said Peter, Director of Proven Energy.

Inverters change the direct current (DC) created by solar panels to alternating current (AC) to power homes. 

The solar installation uses two side by side systems but connects to two separate types of inverters.

The first system uses the more common string inverter, linking all the solar panels into a single system using cost effective and proven technology. 

The second system uses microinverters, a newer technology which links a miniature inverter to each panel.

Microinverters increase safety, efficiency, lower shading issues and allow for individual panel output measurement. 

Both systems are connected to a dashboard in the main office, allowing visitors to see the differences in production throughout the day.