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MIL Solar Inverters 1

MIL solar is the only inverter company which manufactures inverters in Australia. With a factory in Melbourne, they offer a sleek black design and high quality products. 

Over 20% of Australian homes have solar systems installed, but over 90% of these systems are solely or partially made in China. 

Although many Chinese made products do have reasonable efficiency, many do not, and MIL is the only inverter manufacturer in Australia. 

MIL inverters are designed, made and tested for Australian conditions. MIL Systems is a well known family owned and operated business founded in 1985. 

Their inverter is a recent addition to the range, but their products include high reliability security and power products, including ones designed for the Australian military. 

Since 1992, the company has manufactured switch mode power supplies and battery backup systems. 

The inverter’s unique front facing cooling fins increase airflow, and enables full power generation across an extended ambient temperature range.  

MIL inverters also offer the optional MyPower feature, allowing property owners to monitor and manage their power consumption. 


If you’re looking to support Australian made with your entire system, you can pair your MIL inverter with Tindo’s high quality panels, manufactured in Adelaide. 


Don’t choose Tindo just because they’re Australian, though; they also placed first in solar panel testing in Choice magazine in 2018.

If you’d like to know more about choosing a high quality Australian solar system customised to your needs and budget, get in touch with us today.