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Solar Analytics 1

Solar Analytics is one of the best options for keeping track of your solar and integrates with all solar systems, no matter the age or brand.

This is why Proven Energy recommends Solar Analytics Smart Monitors to any customers who want indepth tracking of their solar output and real time updates on any issues with their systems.

Renewable energy is no longer a part of the future; it’s here and it’s rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Although there are proven benefits to using solar, it’s important to be able to identify any issues with your system before they appear on your power bill.


Solar Analytics Monitoring Device

The Monitoring Device integrates with your system, allowing you to track information about your electricity usage, your solar output and other data. 

It is able to measure multiple circuits in your switchboard, allowing you to track electricity usage across individual loads or appliances.


This information is available online and allows customers to measure, record and display how much power they are using at any time of day.


The Monitor uses weather data, information about your type of system and patented algorithms to calculate how efficiently your system is working and warn you of any issues via the website or app. 

Tracking solar output allows users to maximise self consumption by tracking peak output. It also allows tracking of any solar output issues over time, so problems can be pinpointed and corrected before they become a big issue. 

With a 4.6 star rating from app users and fantastic feedback, this smart metering company outranks the lower ratings of many of its competitor apps. Some of the many benefits of this powerful smart metering include:

  • See what times of day you use the most electricity
  • See how your system is impacted by weather and shading  
  • Monitor your solar output in real time, with 5 minute updates
  • Track production so you know the right battery size for your property if you want to add a battery at a later date

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