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Get more from your solar

Solar Analytics – Best System Monitoring

Get more from your solar


Solar Analytics is one of the best monitoring options for keeping track of your solar. This Australian software integrates with all solar systems, no matter the size, age or brand.


Solar Analytics is one of the best monitoring options for keeping track of your solar. This Australian software integrates with all solar systems, no matter the size, age or brand.

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30 Day Free trial
Get started in just minutes with a 30 Day Free no obligation trial.

Plan Optimiser
An unbiased comparison tool will help you pick the best electricity plan for your solar home based on real energy usage and can save an extra $400 a year by getting on the best plan year after year.

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Savings Analysis
Take charge of your energy costs. The savings calculator which is displayed on the app accurately lets you see your daily solar savings and expected bills week after week.

Battery Calculator
The calculator monitors your solar export and consumption. It alerts you when it’s the right time to invest in a battery and which battery size might be right for you.

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True Performance Monitoring
Make sure your solar is performing at 100%. If not, the true performance tool will inform you via an alert email or sms that something needs checking. So you have an independent “eye” watching your solar performance day after day, year after year.


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Energy Insights
Get full visibility over your energy usage patterns and when there is the best time to use your solar. For example by running your washing machine when your solar system is performing well, you will achieve ongoing bill savings.

Solar Analytics is one of the best options for keeping track of your solar and integrates with all solar systems, no matter the age or brand.

This is why Proven Energy recommends Solar Analytics Smart Monitors to any customers who want indepth tracking of their solar output and real time updates on any issues with their systems.


Renewable energy is no longer a part of the future; it’s here and it’s rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

While there are many benefits to using solar, it’s important to be able to identify any issues with your system early before they appear on your power bill months down the track.
This is where Solar Analytics will help.


The Monitoring Software can be integrated into your inverter or through a separate device.

It allows you to track information about your electricity usage, your solar output, the system’s health. It also identifies the best electricity plan in your area year after year and much more.

If you choose, solar analytics separate hardware is able to measure multiple circuits in your switchboard, allowing you to track electricity usage across individual loads or appliances.

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“This information is available via a phone app or online and allows you to measure, record and display how much power your home or business is using at any time of day and night.”

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The Monitor uses weather data, information about your type of system and patented algorithms to calculate how efficiently your system is working and warn you of any issues via the website or app.

Tracking solar output allows users to maximise self consumption by tracking peak output. It also allows tracking of any solar output issues over time, so problems can be pinpointed and corrected before they become a big issue.

With a 4.6 star rating from app users and fantastic feedback, this smart Australian software is unique in the market.

With Solar Analytics attached to your solar system you can:

  • See what times of day you use the most electricity;
  • See how your system is impacted by weather and shading ;
  • Monitor your solar generation and consumption in real time, with 5 minute updates
  • Track production so you know the right battery size for your property if you want to add a battery at a later date

Here at Proven Energy love Solar Analytics, because a quality solar system deserves optimum performance and maximum customer benefits for decades. A great monitor platform ensures this outcome.

Contact us today for your obligation free quote and find out how you can save with Solar Analytics.