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Dirt and bird droppings under old solar panelHigh quality solar panels can generally last as long as 25-30 years, but regular maintenance ensures that your panels are maintaining peak efficiency, saving you money and most importantly, are still safe. Solar panel servicing is important, just like car servicing or refrigerator servicing. 

You can use Solar Analytics or similar software to track your solar output and energy usage to identify any issues early, before you receive an unexpectedly high electricity bill. If you notice a downturn in solar or performance that is not consistent with the weather, this is likely due to an issue that needs to be fixed. 

To maintain peak efficiency, it’s important to make sure your solar panels are checked and tested at least once every two years. When Proven Energy does this, a professional clean is part of the service.

Our qualified electricians will turn off your system and do a comprehensive check of your panels, ensuring everything is in good condition, working properly and meets safety standards. 

Every five years, we recommend replacement on certain components, as weather exposure can put some parts at risk. For most systems, this is just the one or two DC isolators on the roof, which don’t involve a huge outlay to replace. We would provide a quote at the time so you’re aware of the costs involved in addition to our regular service.


Things We Check for in a Routine Solar Panel Clean and Panel Check 

  • Panels meet safety warnings and manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check all parts are functioning properly, including circuit voltage, earth fault protection, I-V characteristics and surge arrestors
  • Check integrity of the array frame structure and making sure there are no loose bolts or screws
  • Checking junction box integrity and seals
  • Emergency and maintenance shutdown procedures.
  • Switches are fully functional and safe
  • There are no defects or exposed wiring
  • Vents are free of debris and in good repair
  • Solar panels are clean and able to absorb maximum sunlight
  • No new shade or construction is overhanging your panels
  • Electrical testing to ensure all parts are working correctly
  • Checking for fault reports on the inverter display
  • Early identification of any additional deterioration or corrosion 

We recommend you never go onto your roof or attempt to check your own solar panels, as live panels can be deadly if they’re in faulty condition. It’s also important to not change or interfere with the meter or settings, as this can lower efficiency or cause issues with your energy supplier. 

We can do maintenance and panel checks on all solar panels, whether they were installed by our company or another business. If you’d like to ensure your panels are safe and working at optimum efficiency, contact us today.