To us, Solarwatt is synonymous with quality double glass modules. Their design includes an innovative PV module with the cells completely encapsulated in glass. They offer glass on the front and the back, rather than the design used by most companies; just on the front with a plastic sheet on the back. The panels have impressive construction, and because of this, they also have a great reputation and guarantees. 

Solarwatt is a brand known for its high quality panels, made in its German factories and exported around the world. 

With over 25 years in the photovoltaic production industry, Solarwatt has built a reputation for quality, sustainability and building strong relationships with suppliers. 

Solarwatt is passionate about creating a sustainable and renewable future, with an emphasis on creating a lasting investment and maximising returns from land and property. 

Solarwatt is a high efficiency premium brand that offers unequaled production from the sun. 

It’s interesting to note that their marketing is aimed at durability. 

Their products include a range of quality solar panels to maximise production, as well as innovative battery systems to maximise your energy storage. 

Solarwatt panels include a 30 year warranty on both performance and construction. 

At 30 years, modules are guaranteed to still have at least 87% of their original actual output. 

Proven Energy is a proud supplier and installer of Solarwatt products and regularly installs them across Queensland. We have an exclusive partnership with the Solarwatt brand for our local area.