We don't know cricket but we sure know solar at Proven Energy 1

We don’t know cricket, but we sure know solar.

About the Campaign

A passionate renewable advocates, Peter and Troy have seen many changes in the solar industry since it started its rapid trajectory in Australia. This campaign highlights the fact that not all solar products or installers are equal, and the importance of choosing a product that will last. 

Many brands put big money into their sales and marketing budget while cutting corners on the products and services their customers are paying for. With thousands of different products to choose from, it can be difficult for customers to decide which system will work best for them. 

Peter Sutrin, Director of Proven Energy, has some advice:

“Solar is a long-term investment. Do your research on both products and installers, and look at impartial third-party reviews,” he said.


We don't know cricket but we sure know solar at Proven Energy 2

Behind the scenes

We don't know cricket but we sure know solar at Proven Energy 3

Peter and Troy brainstormed the idea for the campaign one morning while chatting about the huge differences across the hundreds of solar brands on the market. They wanted a fun message that would also hit a home run on choosing the right solar products and installers. Thanks to Tilly Mykat of Oh Tilly Photography, it didn’t take the guys too long to warm up and share their fun personalities on camera.

We don't know cricket but we sure know solar at Proven Energy 4

About Proven Energy

Proven Energy is a proudly local company founded by Peter and Miranda Sutrin in 2012. The company installs residential, commercial, off grid, and agricultural solar across Southern Queensland, as well as providing electrical services to homes and businesses. Proven Energy’s team of twenty staff offer end-to-end management for all your electrical needs, the latest in industry knowledge, and the best in quality products.

5 Tips top choosing the right installer

We don't know cricket but we sure know solar at Proven Energy 5

  • What warranty is available? Warranties can vary based on the quality of the product, and additional workmanship warranties are also available.
  • Is the system large enough to cover my bills? A qualified estimator will check your power bills and daily usage, and choose your solar system’s size and location accordingly.
  • Will there be extra costs on the day? Unless a qualified installer has checked your property before the installation, there may be additional costs for switchboard upgrades, cabling, and other electrical changes.
  • How old is the company? An older and more established company will understand the industry and be more likely to be around to fulfill any warranty claims and service needs.
  • Does the company use contractors or employees? A company which only uses salespeople and subcontracts to different installers in each region, is more likely to have varying quality in the workmanship.
  • What do impartial sources say? Third party reviews of installers and products are the best way to check if what you’re paying for will do what you’ve been promised.