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Off Grid Solar Toowoomba

People make the choice to move off grid for a variety of reasons, ranging from creating a sustainable property through to saving on the costs of connecting electricity to a rural location. 

Heating water takes a fairly large chunk of your electricity, making up as much as 30% of your home usage. If you’re planning to go off grid, it’s important to account for this usage, and decide on the most reliable and affordable option to maintain a good hot water supply all year round. 


Choosing an Off Grid water Source

If you’re going fully off grid, your goal may be to supply your own water through the use of groundwater on your property, creeks, dams, or bores as well as stored systems such as rainwater tanks. This water may need to be cleaned through filtering to ensure no dangerous chemicals, residue or diseases are left, depending on your property. 


Types of Off Grid Hot Water Systems

When installing an off grid system hot water system, there are a range of options based on the budget and location of the property. The options vary in price, convenience and sustainability. 

Options vary from gas hot water or home solar evacuated tube systems through to gas boosted solar, or electricity boosted solar. However we recommend a separate solar hot water system and panels, with a generator backup for the rare cases you need a second option. 


Choosing Backups For Solar Hot Water

Many modern solar hot water systems work in the same way as a standard hot water system, with the water remaining warm for long periods even after dark. 

Although some states may need consideration taken for the cooler months, this is very rarely a problem in the northern states of Australia. 

If you do at any stage have higher demand than your hot water system can handle, we recommend a generator backup, which can double for both your main system and your hot water system. Gas backup can be more expensive and requires additional management, while using a generator for both systems is easier and more efficient. 


Customised Solar Hot Water Solutions

With these high levels of sun exposure, such systems are especially useful and can cover 40-90% of your current needs. At Proven Energy we design the power of your solar hot water system to meet your needs and generally reach 80% to 100% reduction of your hot water cost.

Generous Government financial incentives are available on both your main and solar hot water systems, making it a cost effective choice to keep your showers hot for years to come. 

Contact us today for your obligation free quote and find out how much you can save on your water heating costs.


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