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Are you looking to purchase solar in the Roma area but don’t know where to start? 

Proven Energy has been proudly servicing southern Queensland since 2012 and we pride ourselves on having built a business which is local and experienced, and only uses the highest quality solar panels and inverters to make sure you get lasting savings on your electricity costs.


Not only can solar reduce your bills, it can add value to your property and create a lasting investment. 

Residential solar will take the fear factor out of opening your electricity bills each quarter, instead turning your roof into a source of savings. 

For Roma business owners, commercial solar can be an even more profitable investment, with peak daytime usage matching solar output and creating an amazing level of self consumption. 

“Business and industry has the biggest potential by far for savings, and the shortest ROI; CFOs and accountants love solar investments,” Peter Sutrin, Director of Proven Energy.


A residential solar installation can save enough money to cover the initial cost of investment in an average of three to four years.

Businesses have the potential to save even more with much higher power bills on average. With so much of the power used during the day, most of their solar will be self consumed, meaning high efficiency and big savings for the company.  


Prices have rapidly reduced as the efficiency of solar systems has increased. 

Although they’re still a sizeable investment, it’s similar to adding an extension to your house or renovating your bathroom, but with a much faster and higher return. 

We offer a range of finance options, including zero percent interest payment plans, or green loans with a subsidised rate and the ability to pay them off early and save on interest. 

Some customers also choose to pay upfront or redraw on their home loan to finance their new system.


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Although there are some very cheap panels on the market, these panels are usually made in China and have low efficiency and high breakage rates. Plus, many of the companies selling cheap systems make money, then close down before they need to start dealing with warranty claims and repairs. 

What this means for you is that you’ll be getting less money off your power bill, while being forced to invest in expensive repairs or even replacements. 

By choosing a high quality solar system with a 25-30 warranty, you’re getting the best reduction on your power bill, while knowing that most of your financial investment is over and any big issues will be covered by the warranty. 



Not sure if solar is right for you? There have been some shady operators in the solar industry over the years (no pun intended). We have many happy customers who can tell you just how high our standards are, or you can chat to one of our solar professionals right now; click below to get in touch.


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    Thanks again Troy & crew - much appreciated reattending and fixing that little thing- wouldn't have expected it so quickly. Promptness & service top notch

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